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The services I provide are all about developing the leader within. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than empowering people to lead. 

Professional Leadership Growth Cycle


This was new in 2021 and has proven incredibly popular with Principals. A Professional Leadership Growth Cycle which meets the new requirements and uses group collaborative coaching to empower team growth. Suitable for Middle and Senior Leadership Teams. Initial results have been amazing. 

Professional Learning Groups


If schools and the leaders within them are to be significantly more effective, they must break from the industrial model upon which they were created and embrace a new model that enables them to function as learning groups.

Kahu Ako Leader Development


Many across school leaders have great teaching skills and I can enrich this by offering techniques to develop their leadership and facilitation skills.

Principal Coaching 


Coaching leaders are very effective in settings where performance or results need improvement.  They help others to advance their skills; they build capacity and provide a lot of guidance.  The coaching leadership style is most effective when followers are more responsible, experienced, and agreeable.

Principal Growth Appraisal


I have completed over a hundred Principal appraisals and every one of them has been uniquely tailored to meet the Principal and BOT requirements.

Principal appraisal is core business for me.

Principal Appointment


I have completed a large number of principal appointments. I help boards take the complexity out of the process and help them in making an informed choice.

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