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I love being a leadership coach because I’ve been a Principal and walked in those shoes and I know how difficult the job can be.

“Who coaches the Leader?”

I remember well sitting behind my desk on my first day as Principal and wondering how had I got there and more importantly what do I do now? The development in me as a person throughout that time was huge and continues to be. I was lucky to have a board that invested in me as person and gave me the opportunity to grow professionally.



Since joining Brad at BGed in 2018 I have been able to develop my own professional learning to build on the 29 years I have had in education both in Early Childhood and Primary School Settings. Brad and I have a proven track record of working successfully together and as a team, we are able to continue to grow the depth of service BGed provides.


Brad and my journey started at Palmerston North Teachers College where I trained in Early Childhood Education.

With over 28 years of educational leadership experience I have taught at Hereworth School and overseas at Caldicott School but my leadership journey started at Huntley School, Marton. I was a DP for 3 years and a Principal for 10 years before going to contract consult with edLead for 3 years. I am now in my 5th year in my own consultancy practice and am loving the innovative freedom of being my own boss. It allows me to tailor jobs for my clients and have a more personalised approach to leadership development.  People say my ability to connect and empower others is one of my greatest leadership attributes and the opportunity to work by myself has enabled me to take this to another level.

I bring extensive knowledge and understanding of The Early Childhood Curriculum ( Te Whāriki) and how this links through to Primary School and a Play-Based Learning environment.  I have run professional development for kindergartens and primary schools. Most of my work currently centres around transitions and Play-based learning. 


I live by:

  • Keeping it simple ( purposeful, planned, achievable),

  • Do it well ( measurable, high standard, accountable) 

  • and great things will happen (Success).




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