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Goin' online?

Checking in

“(Principals) can do this through one-on-one check-ins and goal-setting via phone or video, by embedding audio and video messages into their communications, and being active in online discussions.”


1. It’s vital to stay calm and stop the hysteria,

2. Prepare packs for students without Wifi or students having to self isolate

3. Homework grids to offer a choice for students

4. Don't set too much work. Realistically how much is a child at home going to complete?

5. Use one digital platform across the school to stop confusion

6. Really hard to fill up a day online. 9-3 not practical. 2 hours per day is probably more realistic.

7. Maybe set a passion project that allows students to have greater flexibility of choice

8. Whilst students may not be allowed into schools teachers may still be able to go into school for certain days.

9. Make sure the learning is not new learning for the students. Revising over learning.

10. For younger students, it doesn’t need to be digital eg a learning through play activity.

Marcus Buckingham how to run your virtual leadership

What are some ways Principals can constructively use their time if there is a shutdown?

1. Spend time with the family

2. Ensure coms with office staff are available so financials can be actioned.

3. Establish how you are going to work with staff. Phone tree etc

4. Arrange virtual group and individual check-ins

5. Nail that localised curriculum you have been putting off for the last two years.,

6. Explore the OECD 2030 curriculum

7. Ensure communication between staff, parents, BOT and community run smoothly. Fill the void for all.

8. Take time to research an educational topic of interest.

9. Find a virtual coach to explore leadership ideas.

10. Read that book you have been waiting to but couldn’t find the time.

11. Take some online courses

12. Work on your health, physically and mentally.


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