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First BOT meeting following elections

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Principal responsibility at first meeting following Triennial Elections.

The agenda should be free of most things other than finance.

Table conflicts of interest.

At the first meeting after the elections the BOT vote in the chair.

The Principal should chair the first meeting until the election of chair. Then the principal can move over and let the new chair run the meeting or you can continue for the rest of the meeting if the new chair wants you to.

Stress the importance of the relationship between Chair and Principal. Too often you hear of a break down between BoT Chair and Principal due to undefined protocols. First and most important should be a no surprises policy. In other words neither Chair or Principal should spring s surprise on each other in a BOT meeting.

BOT should have an induction and as part of this you could give an overview of the BOT vision and strategic goals, any possible conflicts or problems they should be aware of. Give them a copy of your appraisal goals.

They should also sign a BOT code of conduct.

Go over the governance expectations in relation to management.

Helpful videos:

Portfolios/committees that need to be allocated. Send out description prior to the meeting so people understand what they are volunteering for.

How you as a Principal will communicate with the BOT? Ie BOT email addresses, Google docs etc.

The email should be done via the School email system.

Ask for a couple of scenarios around complaints. Get the complaints procedure out and ask them what they would do. Best to get them up and running and you knowing how they would handle it.

Encourage them to attend BOT training with NZSTA.

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