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CLEARS- a focused way to “What’s on Top”

I came up with the concept of CLEARS through first hand experience in the negativity a prolonged use of “What’s on Top” can produce. A “What’s on Top” is often used at the start of a meeting as a means for leaders to offload and thereafter remain present in the meeting. Often these are crucial for leaders to get the support they need from colleagues but after awhile they can become a bit of moan-fest if not run well. This is not therefore an attack on “What’s on Top” but a refinement framework that encourages leaders to focus on the positive aspects of their job. I would also like to thank the numerous leaders that have helped refine the system over the last few months.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be detailing the concept more fully under each heading. CLEARS stands for Celebration, Learning, Enrich, Avoid, Repeat, and Start.

Something I’m Celebrating is..., Something I’m Learning is...., Something I intend to Enrich is...., Something I am going to Avoid is..., Something I am going to Repeat is... and Something I need to Start is....

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