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Standards of the Teaching Profession

A couple of Principals I work with in the Whanganui region recently filled me in on the EDUCANZ (Soon to be Teachers Council again, if Chris has his way) training they went to about the new appraisal requirements using the Standards of the Teaching Profession. (STP's)

Here is what they had to say:

  1. For teachers the appraisal process is more about their Inquiry, that is the major source of evidence for their appraisal.

  2. There must be at least two observations with notes of discussions and reflections.

  1. As a school staff you meet and list what you as a school do that provides evidence for the Standards, and list the evidence you have to say you are achieving the standard.

  2. This list is added to and throughout the year and then photocopied and signed off, and put into each teachers & principals appraisal.

  3. EDUCANZ have held meetings with ERO and told them the same things.

This is exciting news for Principals and teachers. It strengthens the collaborative approach of collating the evidence of meeting the STP's and will mean teachers don't have to have big bulky documents aligning information out of context to meet the relevant STP's. This will save hours of work for teachers and Principals alike. A well thought out TAI will be developmental and show the teacher is reflecting on their teaching and tailoring their programme to meet the needs of their students.

More time to teach

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