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A Principal said that Pam & I should come with a caution label. So here it is.


Leaders need to realise we all come with a “Not there yet” label. So... if you don’t think leadership development is continuous. Then I’m probably not for you. And that’s OK.

Whom we Love to Work With


We love to work with leaders who have empathy for others, have deep convictions for wanting the best for their learners and who want to build their leadership team as much as themselves. We relish coaching leaders who realise achievement is important and that culture is critical to the success of their school but perhaps don’t quite know how to best get there “yet”.


We integrate best with leaders who have high emotional intelligence, are relationship-driven, have a strong vision for their school’s future, have high standards and love a challenge.

Leadership is about sharing of self, which requires an emotional investment.

Leaders who are a fit:

  • Are quietly challenging (ie sick of the bureaucracy that afflicts schools today)

  • Tend to be open-minded

  • Patiently persistent about making change

  • Carefully curious about new ideas and the future

  • Comfortable with receiving expert advice and guidance

  • Trusting of their strengths

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