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LIONS, Mice & Antelopes

Brad Gay (A tongue-in-cheek leadership analogy)

Once upon a time, in the vast grasslands of Africa, there lived a magnificent lion named Bradwana. Bradwana was the proud and mighty king of his pride, respected by all the animals in the kingdom. His reign was marked by wisdom, strength, and a keen understanding of the natural order.

One day, Bradwana gathered all the young lions of his pride around him, eager to impart his wisdom upon them. He wanted to teach them an important lesson about leadership and the art of prioritization. As the young lions gathered, their eyes filled with curiosity and anticipation.

"Listen well, my young ones," Bradwana began, his voice resonating with authority. "As lions, we are blessed with strength and power, but we must also be wise in how we use our energy. We do not waste our time chasing mice."

The young lions exchanged puzzled glances. Mice? But they bother us and pester us. We have to deal with them then and there.

Bradwana continued, "Mice may scurry about, catching our attention with their quick movements. But the truth is, they provide us with little sustenance. They are not worth the effort we would put into capturing them. We would be left hungry and unsatisfied, wasting valuable energy that could be better used elsewhere."

The young lions nodded, beginning to understand the lesson their king was imparting. Bradwana paused, allowing his words to sink in before he continued.

"Now, consider the antelope," Bradwana said, his voice filled with admiration. "The antelope is our true target, the embodiment of our sustenance and strength. By hunting and capturing an antelope, we ensure that our pride will be well-fed for days, even weeks. It is a strategic choice that allows us to conserve our energy while reaping significant rewards."

The young lions listened intently, their minds filled with visions of chasing mighty antelopes across the grasslands. They understood that focusing on the antelopes, the important tasks, would bring them the greatest benefit.

"Leadership is much like the art of a lion hunting. We must identify our 'antelopes,' our important tasks, and deal with them first. By allocating our time and energy wisely, we ensure that we are nourished and our strategic intent remains focused. Only then can we turn our attention to the 'mice,' the urgent tasks that require our immediate attention but offer little long-term value."

The young lions were inspired by their king's wisdom. They realized the importance of prioritizing their tasks, not wasting energy on trivial matters that would yield little reward. They vowed to embrace Bradwana's teachings and apply them to their own leadership journeys.

From that day forward, the lions of the pride followed Bradwana's guidance. With precision and focus, they hunted the mighty antelopes, their important tasks. They organised their days, time-blocking their calendars, ensuring that important tasks were dealt with first before tending to the urgent ones. In doing so, they thrived as leaders, their pride growing stronger each day.

And so, the grasslands of Africa witnessed the rise of wise and efficient leaders, inspired by the lion king Bradwana. They understood the value of prioritisation and the power of focusing on their antelopes, ensuring sustained success and fulfilment in their endeavours.


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